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We facilitates customers to verifying their mobile phone warranty cover for authorized brands

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  • Press *#06# on your phone dial pad to get the IMEI. Alternatively, You can get the IMEI from the giftbox or label of phone.
  • Please try both IMEI numbers(if applicable) for warranty verification.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. The handset has warranty against manufacturing defects subject to the conditions given below.
  2.  Free of charge on spare parts & labor during the warranty period.
  3.  Only the handset is covered by this warranty.
    Battery, charger, covers or other accessories that come with the handset on initial purchase are not covered by its warranty.
  4.  In case of any manufacturing defect that cannot be fixed, only the radio module (PCB) will be replaced.
  5.  Repair or replacement will be done if necessary on any defective part/s.
  6.  The repair or replacement will not in any way extend the warranty period.
  7.  Manufacturer/Distributor/Dealer or its authorized agent refuses any liability or responsibility for any data loss in the handset. You must ensure to keep a backup of such data before the handset is handed over to the authorized service centre or collection point.
  8.  COMTEL cannot warranty spyware, malware or virus related issues due to the prevalence of these issues and ease of exposure after removal.
  9.  Warranty is void under the following circumstances:
    •  Phone was misused, mishandled, improperly tested, neglected, altered or defected in any way.
    •  Phone became defective resulting from the usage of non-approved accessories that were connected to the handset.
    •  Phone was serviced, repaired or altered by any person other than the authorized service centre, engineer or technician.
    •  Drop damage or damage caused by water or other liquid.
    •  Deterioration due to natural wear & tear, humidity, rust etc.
    •  Alteration or tampering of the IMEI number or serial code on this handset.
    •  The device became defective resulting from non-compliance with the instructions manual.
  10.  Geographical coverage of this warranty only United Arab Emirates
  11.  Standard warranty period is applicable based on brand / product category.